Avoid third party payment methods

8:00 AM EST

AUG 04 2017

Always use the member portal for online payments

Before using any third party payment method, it is important to know the status of your Tideland EMC account. If your account is past due, if there is a pending disconnect notice, or if you have a payment arrangement date to meet we suggest that you not use these services. Using services like Doxo, Prism, MoneyGram and PayNearMe can result in Tideland EMC late fees and service interruptions because they delay the payment processing time. These services also charge a transaction fee. Tideland EMC does not charge members transaction fees.

Prism LogoImagesMoneygram Logo Paynearme

Unfortunately, these types of payment services can show up in internet search engine results if you type in something like "Pay Tideland EMC bill." If you prefer to pay online we recommend that you bookmark our home page or the member portal so it is easy to return monthly to make your payment.

For a full list of authorized payment options click here.