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Residential Energy Audits

Since the 1970s, Tideland EMC has offered co-op members free residential energy audits. During the typical assessment, the energy auditor will inspect the crawlspace, attic, interior and any outdoor buildings that include electric service. The auditor will take photos of things like insulation, HVAC ducts and other items that may be recommended for repair or improvements. At the conclusion of the visit the auditor with either leave with you a checklist of recommended improvements (if the recommendations are fairly straightforward) or he may follow-up with a full blown written report if the energy/weatherization issues in your home are a bit more complex. 

Before requesting an energy audit we recommend that you first log into the member portal to view both your daily and hourly kilowatt hour consumption. Often the portal data can provide the type of insight you need to resolve any energy mysteries. Particularly helpful is the ability to overlay temperature and weather data over your daily and hourly readings.

To request an energy audit call the Tideland EMC 24 hour call center at 800.637.1079 and a service order will be generated. The service order will be assigned to one of our energy auditors who will call to set up an appointment time convenient to your schedule. Keep in mind that during certain times of the year energy audit appointments can take longer to complete based on demand (Feb/Mar/Aug/Sept). While there is no cost to you for the energy audit, if you fail to keep a scheduled energy audit appointment you will be billed $25 unless you notify us 24 hours in advance.

If you prefer to conduct your own energy audit, we recommend that you start with our online audit tool: http://homeefficiency.togetherwesave.com/

To calculate energy use for specific appliances and electronics use this Department of Energy online tool: